Galwegians April 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has cancelled or postponed all activities and events at the Galway Hall until further notice. The “Friends of Galway” vernal equinox meeting was one of the cancellations. The Galway Hall information signs are currently blank. When activities and events resume, these signs will once again display the coming events at the Hall. Please go to for updated information as well.

The corona virus has truly created a frightening time of uncertainty. It is important that we all try to do our best, with what we have been given, to help ourselves and to help one another. With ‘busy lives’ forced to slow down, to isolate, and to physically distance ourselves, there is an opportunity to observe, ponder and reflect upon many things.

One activity that has been suggested is to get outside and enjoy nature during this pandemic. Galway Township and area offers so many opportunities to get out while being safe. Making notes of your outdoor observations is known as ‘Citizen Science’. Anyone can become involved. For example, can the striped chipmunk be a harbinger of whether it will be a hard or an easy winter? Around our place, the chipmunks were last seen in 2017 on November 5th and on November 14th in 2018. Both winters were long with cold snaps that lasted several days and snows that stayed. For both years, the chipmunks reappeared in late March. However, in 2019, the chipmunks were last seen on December 28th. They reappeared on March 5th, 2020! This winter did have early snows that came and went. Our snows came again in January and February with one big accumulation on February 27th. There were no back-to-back days of -20C or greater temperatures but there were many days of above normal temperatures.

Another observation noted is the Black-Capped Chickadee. These little birds, no matter how harsh the conditions, always seem to be cheerful, finding time to sing their songs. They are always welcoming and friendly. These hardy chickadees seem to have the ability to lift your spirits and to put a smile on your face through their songs and antics. If there was to be a contest for a bird to represent Galway, my vote would be for the Black-Capped Chickadee.

Speaking of contests, let’s have one! Think of a slogan or catch-phrase that could be used to promote Galway. Include a rationale for your choice, and if you are artistic, attach your design or logo. Send your entry to one of the following: or (Kinmount Gazette)

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