Galwegians- September 2023

The Galway Hall has become a quieter place in the anticipation of the start of the kitchen renovations. The Hall’s kitchen committee has begun the process of organizing and boxing the “stuff’ from the kitchen in preparations of moving the kitchen’s contents into the main hall. The bar area of the Hall is also part of this renovation. Recently, its contents were re-located to the main hall.

The Galway Hall’s meeting room is still available for use. The Greater Harvey Historical Society continues to utilize the Hall’s offices. Again, updates and progress shall be posted on the website at 

In my world and in my mind, I still consider that, when I hit the road in the early morning for exercise, that I am jogging, albeit at a slow pace. However, when occasionally stopped by motorists for one reason or another, their usual farewell is that I should continue to have a nice “walk”. This perturbs me. Obviously my mind is telling my body that I am jogging but my body is not portraying this image to the passersby. Woe is me. Maybe, I am “wager” (part walker, part jogger) or a “jolker” (part jogger, part walker) or, alas, maybe I’m just too old! 

Speaking of being stopped on the road, early one morning recently, a trades person coming in to a jobsite stopped me to inform me that a black bear had just crossed in front of his vehicle. I thanked him for telling me, knowing that I had no “high gear” to use if this bear decided to follow me. And yes, he told me to enjoy the rest of my “walk”! Incidentally, the next morning on my jog/walk, there was a pile of bear scat on the road in roughly the same area that the conversation had happened the previous morning. This find on the road was a little disconcerting to say the least. Signs of black bear activity along my routes have been non-existent for several years until now.

The pair of loons on Clear Bay was successful in 2023. One baby loon was born on June 30th and the second one appeared on July 1st. The family continues to do well and the young ones are getting to be quite a size.

The pair of loons on Upper Black Bay was also successful, hatching two baby loons about 10 days after the hatchings on Clear Bay. Unfortunately, one of the adults was discovered dead by a cottager shortly afterwards. Its body was recovered, authorities were contacted, and the body was delivered so that an autopsy may be done. There have been no recent updates as to the status of neither the remaining adult nor the young ones as no postings have appeared.

Ah, the English language. This example falls under the category of “misnamed”. Social: Enjoying the company of others. Social Media: Staring at an electronic device by yourself.

The next is an example of confusion. The combination “ough” can be pronounced in 9 different ways. The following sentence illustrates all of them: “A rough-coated, dough-faced, thoughtful ploughman strode through the streets of Scarborough; after falling into a slough, he coughed and hiccoughed.”

Looking upwards into September’s night skies, Neptune will be brighter than at any other time of the year on September 19th. It will be visible all night long. Yet, due to its extreme distance from Earth, Neptune will appear only as a tiny blue dot. On September 22nd, Mercury will appear as the planet low in the eastern just before sunrise. On September 23rd, the fall (autumnal, September) equinox occurs at 6:43 UTC. The full moon occurs on September 29th. It is known as the Corn Moon but is also called the Harvest Moon. September’s super moon is also the last super moon of 2023.

Looking ahead to the night skies of October, October 14th is the Annular Solar Eclipse. On the night of October 20th and the early morning of October 21st, the Orionids Meteor Shower occurs.  Look for Venus on October 23rd and the full moon on October 28th.

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