LAKE HISTORY: Crystal Lake

Surname: Dupre
Property Location: 95 West Clear Bay Road

Leon and Rose Dupre were the original owners of this property, dating back to the late ‘40s/early ‘50s. In the ‘50s, the Dupres sold their original cottage, located at 93 West Clear Bay Road to a William Hall. Leon and Rose converted their boathouse into their cottage. Both original buildings still stand today.
The Dupres were an interesting couple. Neither one of them drove a vehicle. So, coming to their cottage for the summer was dependent on them getting a ride from their home in Toronto. This was usually provided by a family member. It was also dependent on their next door neighbours, Jack and Clara Lee, being around for the summer months to regularly check in with them.
Leon Dupre always was called by his nickname, “Bud”. It was pretty neat to have this elderly couple with the names of Rose and Bud as neighbours. They also had two pets that came with them to the lake each summer. The dog’s name was “Chum” and the cat’s name was “Suzie”. Both animals enjoyed their freedom at the cottage.
Bud was an avid fisherman. His 5 horsepower Johnson motor powered his 16 foot cedar strip boat anywhere he wanted to fish. Bud even ventured out of Clear Bay to try his luck at fishing holes in the main lake.
Both Rose and Bud loved to visit, have visitors, and to play cards. Cribbage by far was their favourite card game. Most summer evenings were spent playing cribbage.
Supplies that were needed during their summer stay were brought with them, brought to them by neighbours and visitors, or obtained from Baxter’s Store which was located ‘around the point’.
Leon and Rose Dupre were original cottagers on Crystal Lake. They enjoyed a simple but very happy cottage life.